What is the need for an Intimate Hygiene Wash?

Maintaining intimate hygiene is an important part of feminine self-care and overall vaginal health. Daily gentle cleansing of the intimate area keeps it clean, cool and fresh. Without a cleansing routine, your intimate area is more susceptible to infections. When it comes to intimate hygiene washes, shop shelves are full of choices. Make sure you go for the best intimate hygiene wash in India, GynoVashTM.

What is the Vaginal Ecosystem and how do I maintain it?

The vaginal ecosystem is an environment where good and bad microorganisms live together in perfect harmony. The balance between the two is important to maintain genital health and ensure natural protection against infections. When the ecosystem is altered and the pH undergoes variations, uncomfortable symptoms may arise such as itching and burning, discharge, foul odour or conditions that lead to the onset of bacterial and fungal infections.

A pH balance wash, GynoVashTM maintains and restores your natural vaginal pH, with every water-free wipe.

What are the symptoms of vaginal infection?

Any change in the amount of discharge, a foul smell, itching, a burning sensation, soreness, pain in the intimate area during urination or sexual activity suggests that you may have an infection.

What are the problems or consequences if these symptoms are not treated on time?

Infection in your intimate area

  • Can come in the way of your daily activities and sexual health
  • Affects the health of both you and your baby if you are pregnant
  • Can lead to urinary and reproductive tract infections and affect your marital life

Who are the women at risk of getting intimate area infections?

Risk of an intimate area infection is high among active women who

  • Work in high humidity
  • Are pregnant
  • Are undergoing menopause
  • Are taking medicines for other infections, like antibiotics
  • Have high blood sugar levels
  • Go for a workout (jogging/aerobics/gym)
  • Are professional sportswomen
  • Are sex workers

Who are GynoVashTM All-Natural Intimate Foam Cleansers, meant for?

Formulated to enhance the overall immunity of the vulvovaginal area, GynoVashTM Intimate Hygiene Foam Cleansers can be used by women of all ages. Sportswomen and women doing workouts experience a lot of perspiration in their intimate area which irritates the mucosal membrane and disturbs normal vaginal flora.

Sexually active women can suffer from discomfort, irritation, itching, and dryness. GynoVashTM can soothe and cleanse the intimate area. It can even be used during pregnancy and periods, when it is better to apply an intimate hygiene foam cleanser, instead of a shower gel or soap.

Can I use GynoVashTM All-Natural Intimate Foam Cleanser if I am pregnant or have irritation/infection?

There are no studies on pregnant women. It is best to consult your obstetrician or gynecologist before using this product.

How long should I use GynoVashTM? How many times should I use it?

GynoVashTM is mild and can hence be used daily and/or for every bathing occasion or twice a day.

Does the fragrance in GynoVashTM All-Natural Intimate Foam Cleanser come from chemicals?

Relax. GynoVashTM Foam Cleanser has a refreshing fragrance created by natural ingredients. The GynoVashTM formulation has been tested to make sure it is safe on sensitive vaginal skin.

How is GynoVashTM different from other Intimate Hygiene Cleansers?

Unlike other brands that contain harsh chemicals, preservatives and surfactants that harm your vulvovaginal ecosystem – leaving it dry and making it age faster in the long run, GynoVashTM All-Natural Intimate Foam Cleanser contains 100% pure antimicrobial, natural essential oils with the advantage of Vitamin E & Lactic acid.

The clinically validated*, pH balanced, non-irritating formula naturally soothes and moisturises with natural Aloe leaf juice and Vitamin E. GynoVashTM is free of harmful parabens, sulfates, silicon, preservatives, synthetic colours, dyes & fragrances. What’s more, it is non-greasy and hence easy to wipe/wash off; no water needed.